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Enforcing Divorce, Child Custody, Visitation and Support Orders in San Diego County

Judges make rulings in divorce and other family law proceedings, but often people fail to follow court orders.  It is sometimes necessary to return to court to ask for help enforcing court orders. You may need legal help to enforce orders to pay debts, return marital property, pay child support or spousal support, or to give you access to your children. The experienced attorneys of Shaffer & Associates will inform you of your options under California law and advocate for your rights. We work with individuals throughout San Diego county and the surrounding communities.

How Can I Get My Ex to Comply with the Divorce Order, Pay Support or Allow Me to See My Kids?

Your judgment of divorce or other court orders should clearly state the terms of your marital property division, what alimony or child support you are due, as well as your rights to child custody and visitation (also known as parenting time). If your former spouse or your child's other parent is not complying, there are a number of ways a family law attorney and the courts can help:

  • Negotiation or Mediation. Often, if you and your ex are having trouble communicating—or if you disagree about what the terms of a court order mean—attorneys or a mediator can help get things back on track by offering neutral support to help you reach agreement, or by advocating on your behalf.
  • A letter from your attorney. Particularly after an acrimonious divorce, some ex-spouses drag their feet before giving up property or complying with final orders regarding custody or support. Sometimes a simple letter from your attorney—either to your former spouse or to his or her attorney—will convince your ex that you are serious about enforcement and will take legal action if he or she does not comply.
  • Garnishment or wage assignment. If your ex owes you support payments (or is in "arrears") and the court has not already ordered the payments to paid from your ex's work income, you can petition the court to have the money garnished directly from his or her paycheck.
  • Contempt of Court (and Order to Show Cause). When a parent or ex-spouse willfully fails to comply with a court order, the most extreme option in California involves petitioning the court to issue an Order to Show Cause. This may result in the party against whom the order is issued being held in contempt of court, which can involve criminal proceedings and result in jail time.

The divorce and family law attorneys of Shaffer & Associates have years of experience advocating for our clients' interests by means tailored to each client's specific situation and concerns. Regardless of whether we represented you in your divorce, we can work with you to enforce your divorce decree and related orders. Alternatively, if your circumstances have changed since your divorce and you believe you should have more time with your kids—or that a support order should be changed—we can help you to petition the court to modify the original order.

Serving San Diego and the Surrounding Communities

The San Diego attorneys of Shaffer & Associates serve San Diego County and the surrounding communities, including Orange County, Riverside County and Los Angeles County. Contact Shaffer & Associates online or call (619) 595-3167 today to speak with us about enforcing a divorce decree or other agreement or court order.

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